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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  September 29, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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with police. they describe them as in shock. the father looking upset, the mother looking like she was in a daze, according to neighbors, she looked like she was out of it. that mother remains in the hospital while this community remains in disbelief. >> there was a lot of blood. >> reporter: neighbors angry and shocked want to know what led up to a newborn being thrown out of the top floor, the seventh floor of this apartment building in the bronx. some wonder if the baby was unwanted. there were other options. >> there's plenty of hospitals, plenty of people out here that want kids. could be anywhere. >> reporter: she saw the lifeless baby's body on the ground when she looked out her second floor window. the newborn's umbilical cord was still attached. the building's superintendent wife was the first to see the newborn on the ground yesterday, 2:30 in the afternoon. several neighbors saw the baby's mother and father leaving with police. >> i saw them leaving the building. they took her and him.
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took him first, then took her next. >> reporter: after many hours of being questioned by investigators at a local police station house, the father was allowed to go home. police are looking at surveillance video that may have captured part of what happened. >> he's a respectable young man. and he's valued member of the community. >> reporter: and we have been talking with police all day, so far, no charges have been filed, no arrests have been made, but in investigation continues. reporting live, katherine creag, news 4 new york. this is new at new. historic meeting on the sidelines of the united nations. raul castro and president obama met for the very first time on american soil. smiles everywhere. both leaders called for an end to the cuban trade embargo and their speeches to the u.n. general assembly up. the u.n. and expected to vote again to condemn the embargo, but only congress with lift the sanctions. less than 24 hours ago, president obama met with
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president, high stakes tense meeting. the two talked for about 90 minutes. putin called their conversation, quote, very constructive and surprisingly open. he and president obama disagree, however, on thousand handle isis militants in syria. obama wants syrian leader bah sheer al assad eased out of power and the russians are backing assad. vandalism at the mexican consulate. splashes of red paint were found on the front wall of the mid-town building early this morning. detectives have taped off the area. the mexican consulate was previously targeted by vandals back in twen. moving to washington now, the senate moving quickly to avoid a government shutdown later this week. the chamber is voiced to pass a measure that would keep the government up and downing through december 11th. it is expected to approve despite opposition from conservative republicans who to defund planned parenthood. and the head of planned parenthood is testifying right
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now about that group's use of tax payer funds. in fact, we have a live picture, i believe, from capitol hill. that organization of course has come under scrutiny since the release of those secretly recorded videos, showing planned parenthood executives talking about fetal tissue research. in her testimony, planned parenthood president cecil richards said they were edited and called a message that they convey categorically untrue. happening today, the nypd officer charged with fatally shooting an unarmed man in a dark stairwell will appear in a brooklyn court. peter is expected to have his trial date set at today's hearing. they were patrolling the pink houses on november 20th when he shot and killed a man. he was indicted on manslaughter charges. former nypd officer pleaded guilty and turned himself in into white plains. he surrendered this morning, he
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in april, he was drunk shot at a car stopped at a red light 14 times. he hit joseph six times, he recovered, and he was there, in person today to see cronin taken away in handcuffs. >> until this day, he has shone no remorse whatsoever. i don't know why. i will not speculate. i am relieved that this chapter in this awful story is coming to a close. >> he has agreed to serve nine years in prison. he is expected to be formerly sentenced debts 2nd. a woman known as the serial bride is due back in a bronx courtroom a little bit later today. prosecutors claim that the woman has walked the aisle with ten different husbands. all of them from foreign countries. and they say she is currently married to four of them. she faces a felony charge of offering a false instrument that is for allegedly lying on a marriage certificate, saying, of course, that she had not been married before.
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today, we are hearing what was said in the cockpit of that flight forced to make an emergency landing at kennedy airport last night. >> we have an issue here. we've lost our hydraulic system. one hydraulic system. we're going to have to return. not quite yesterday. we'd like you to inform kennedy, please, that we have lost hydraulic fluid and it may be dumped on them. >> the plane had just taken off from jfk bound for ireland when pilots noticed the issue. . a small fire started in the landing gear compartment after the fast landing caused the plane's brakes to overheat and spark. fortunately no one was hurt here. the plane's passengers were taken by bus back to the terminal. a retired new york city firefighter is facing charges for allegedly trying to get too close to the pope. he is accused of following a security motorcade and flashing a badge in order to get on to the tarmac saturday night. he allegedly had a knife,
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ammunition, and marijuana all in his car. prosecutors say he told them he wanted to give the pope his business card. but the pontiff had actually left the city, you may recall, hours earlier. that morning he took off. >> even if he hadn't, he wouldn't have had luck with handing over the business card. coming up at noon, tragedy on the field. a football player collapsed during a game and died. this was last week. well today, we now know what caused his death. and may never have to go to the grocery store again. major retailer joins the home delivery ranks and could give the competition a run for their money. and the storm team is tracking two major rain-makers. we'll give you the timing and tell you what kind of impact that may have on their area, all
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two missing brooklyn toddlers have been found safe, but far from home. the two and three-year-old children were both discovered in mississippi. the girls were reported missing over the weekend when the mother failed to return them after a court-ordered visit. friend and family know what caused the death of a popular high school football player. 17-year-old evan murray died of massive internal bleeding from a lacerated spleen. the quarterback had an enlarged spleen, and that made him vulnerable to injury. he was hit during friday night's game and walked off the field with help of teammates. he later collapsed and died after he was taken to the hospital. >> we were in total shock. just not something you expect from somebody so young. >> as an e.m.t., i take care of
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when they go down. first responder out on the field. so i could relate to what they had is to go through. >> the medical examiner says it was accidental. he'll be laid to rest thursday. another grocery delivery service, and this one has a familiar name. >> there you go, with that story and a check on the markets, bill griffith, i love the grocery delivery. >> well, you're not alone in all of that. wait until you hear how much we spend on online groceries in just a minute here. first, let me tell you about this lackluster day on wall street. we had a lot of volatility lately, but not today. the dow has been up, its been down, but not by a lot. you mention, you guys mentioned the possibility of a government shutdown. later this week the odds are that they will come up with short term spending bills this week to save off any shutdown, but that those bills will only last until december and could
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have a big battle on our hands at that time. >> housing looks good, prices around the country shows solid gains around the country. the 20 largest cities saw a gain of, an average gain of about 5% in july on an annualized basis. san francisco and denver saw the biggest gains of more than 10% because of an influx of high-tech companies there. of the top 20 companies, new york came in 18th with an average gain of just 1.9%, only chicago and washington, d.c. trailed us. so listen to this, grocery shoppers out there, americans will spend $11 billion buying groceries online this year. and the competition among stores is fierce for their business. so wall street has just announced that it will now allow online customers to pick up their groceries in the parking lot. you don't have to come to the store. that'll be offered in certain areas initially, it does not include our area yet.
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but you can eventually bet that it'll be here because retailers like amazon and their amazon fresh service already deliver groceries to your door and target is soon to do the same here in the new york area. by the way, i want to wish you a happy national coffee day. >> i knew you were going to say that, bill. and today, i chose not to have any coffee today. >> what? >> you great contrarian you. >> i want to turn over a new leaf on that. probably the wrong day. >> i made up for it. >> this is the day when you get free coffee at duncan donuts and wawa and krispy kreme. see what you're missing out on? >> that changes my mind. >> i drive to south jersey for that, man. >> thank you. >> you get your coffee today? >> several to celebrate. >> several before 12:30. >> and i'm raring to go. we have a lot to talk about, we need the coffee because we're going to be up in the storm center for a while. storm team is working on several
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different rain-makers right now. trying to track them with a lot of question marks as to the path and the result. this is a live picture right now, time square, 82 degrees under mostly cloudy skies, but you can see from the picture, sun is making it through. high humidity, very uncomfortable out there. we have got some very significant weather changes to talk about. soaking thunderstorms it overnight. the probability of flooding in areas specifically up to the north of us. and we're tracking joaquin closely because that may provide uses with our next big rain-maker as we head into and through the weekend. 82 degrees, 82 already in the city. remember, our normal high is 70. i think we're going to go all the way up to 84 today. temperatures around the area, upper 70s to low 80s, pretty much wherever you look. and even as you head to the north and west with where it's. 3 in monticello, out on the island, 76, and bridgewater
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storm tracker right now. this could bring us scattered shower activity in the city, but more likely on the island over the next few hours. it's what's to the west that's the big concern. widely diffused, but this system is working in our direction, and packs a good deal of moisture with it. let's use future tracker to try and nail down the time frame of what we get, where, and when. so, started this afternoon at about 2:00. we head on through the rush hour tonight and we see the rain begin to move on in, heaviest concentrations to the north of the city. then as we get to about 11:00 tonight, look at those reds and yellows and oranges, that's the heaviest concentration of rain, watch it on interstate 80, up through 287 in westchester, and then, as we head through the overnight hours, it really begins to pummel the area. we call this sleeper rain, why? it happens while we're sleeping. tonight, you may not be so lucky because we're expecting thundershower activity as well.
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most of it pushes out of the way by tomorrow morning, let's say, 8:00, 9:00, but doesn't mean we're rain-free. and in the meantime, all those roadways, like the bronx river, the saw mill, that typically gets sitting water, could be problematic, we head to tomorrow morning. rain totals, heaviest stuff to the north. look at this, three to five inches expected to the north of us. two to three as you head up to duchess county, one to two right here in the city. this is where our watches are posted right now. we may get more of those as the afternoon progresses, janet will update on you, janice will update you on that. joaquin, the next rain-maker, where and when, that remains the question mark, but we are getting heavy rain into the weekend. rest of the day today, 81 degrees at 4:00 p.m., hit and miss showers, heavy stuff tonight into tonight, the heavy rain rolls through, down to 70 degrees, and tomorrow and into the next seven days, we watch this. look that the, a 23-24-degree drop behind that system as we
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head into the end of the week, and that's when our next rain-maker rolls in our direction. we will continue to update you through the day into tonight and tomorrow as well, folks. >> we need the rain i guess. >> we do, but there's tough stuff. >> thank you. by the way, if you see a frantic scene with ambulances and the sound of gunfire on roosevelt island later this afternoon, don't worry, there's a tv production company that's starting filming on trump plaza road. less than an hour from now. around 1:00, no word though on what show that simulated emergency will actually turn up on. we'll keep you posted. >> just for tv. no real emergency. "new york live" is next. >> here are sarah and jackie. >> hey guys. >> hi ladies. >> coming up, matt damon in hot water once again. find out why he's clearing up another controversy today with a little help from ellen. and from a new season of married to just about every movie out there, we're catching up with the busy and talented judy greer. that and more here at 12:30. see you then.
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>> sorry, i'm a little slow. >> i know. >> i haven't had my -- >> she's been here since way early this morning. still ahead here on news 4 new york at noon, let's hear it firefighter girls. why the first lady -- >> lady -- >> oh my gosh. spent her morning in harlem. >> you can kick me, i give you permission. >>. unseen photos from princess diana and prince charles' wedding. where they came from and what
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first lady michelle obama went to the harlem theater this morning. spoke from more than a thousand girls from around the world. it was part of the let girl's learn initiative. she and oscar winner charlize theron stressed the need for education.
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62 young women worldwide are not in school. unique collection of photos from princess diana and prince charles up for auction in boston. it was held at buckle ham palace in 1981. these pictures were taken by a relative who was the only photographer allowed to have the informal photos of the royal family and of their guests. the auction house predicted this one of a kind collection will sell for more than $10,000.
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tonight on news 4 new york at 5:00, new ed in a 17-year-old murder case. how a new witness may free a man. low ridership, why isn't the hudson yards train station living up to the hype? we get answers. thank you for watching. >> new york live is next, have a great day. i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, t
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hey everybody, welcome to "new york live," we are hope you have having a happy tuesday so far as we wait for the rain to come. >> happy right now, there's no rain yet. >> i know. we have a fantastic action-packed show for you on the way. coming up, can you do the can can? we're bringing a dose of paris to the big apple with the folks of the mulan rouge in this week's tuesday matinee.
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>> i've never tried the can can. >> me either. >> we say this a lot, but this woman who's here today, she must be the busiest actress in show business. we are talking married, big screen block busters, and national coffee day with judy greer. that's maybe how she keeps it going. >> i love her. >> i celebrate it every day. >> one of my favorite faces on the big screen. it was an exciting night on the voice with a life changing moment for two contestants that no one saw coming. talented couple jubilee and young and amanda from tulsa, oklahoma, saying seven bridges road and got both farrell and gwen to turn around. that wasn't the most exciting part. >> yeah, before they decided on a coach, jubl got down on one knee and proposed, marking the first ever on stage voice proposal. in the end, they chose to be part of team farrell, and their coach was equally excited, tweeting out, i got my first duo, they got engaged in front of our eyes.
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>> last contestants to perform and it was a special moment, no one is that true coming. >> i know, there were good stories last night with tyler at the end who a recording contract before and then lost -- >> the recording company shut down and he was in a severe car accident where his van flipped over five times. and this young lady there, maddie davis had a severe ear injury when she was a young girl and didn't have surgery until she was nine and took on singing after that. now here she the voice. >> i like the back stories in the beginning of the voice too. >> i do too. >> then you feel kind of like you're rooting for them, maybe your friends. >> yeah. >> i love the story. >> in your head. >> yeah, that's the best part, aside from the great singers that come out of it. >> i love the voice. >> we love the voice. >> good show. the usually under the radar matt damon has had his share of controversy lately. first about how diversity should be handled in casting, in the
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casting of films, and most recently about comments he made during an interview with the guardian about gay actors in hollywood. >> and today he visits the ellen show to address the controversy. take a look. >> i was trying to say, actors are more effective when they're a mystery, right? and if somebody picked it up and i said gay actors should get back in the closet. which is like, i mean -- it's stupid, but it is, it's painful when, when things get said that you don't believe, you know what i mean, then gets represented that that's what you believe. >> i know you and i know you're not that guy, and so, i just wanted you to be able -- >> well thank you for that. >> and it shocks me that you and think that -- >> well, he goes on to say that all these people, there's no limits to what people will say on social media just to get the clicks on their site. they just take a little piece of something and run with it. >> and turn it into something. >> what's interesting what he
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